At Romano Litchfield and Associates, we collect rent payments, property taxes, insurance premiums, and pass thru maintenance charges from tenants in a timely manner. To increase efficiency we offer our tenants several options for paying rent and other charges including:

  • automatic withdrawal directly from their bank
  • direct ACH receipt
  • wire transfer
  • standard mail or drop off

We also have the tools in place to assist with any collection issues that may arise including:

  • Monthly Delinquency reports to monitor each property
  • Rent Rolls on each property
  • Late Fees (based on a percentage of the base rent as set forth in the Lease)
  • A strong emphasis on the tenant/property manager relationship. Communication is key.
  • Initiation of legal proceeding, when necessary, such as Notice of Default and 3 Day Pay or Quit Notices.

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