We recognize that no two buildings are exactly alike, and neither are the maintenance issues that can arise on any given day. Just as in other areas of effective property management, a very intentional, pro-active approach to property maintenance is absolutely essential to protect and preserve our clients’ assets at the highest possible values. At Romano Litchfield and Associates, we are prepared to immediately address and meet every maintenance need with a team of licensed, insured, experienced, professional contractors with whom Romano Litchfield and Associates has worked closely with. From quarterly inspections and service of fire alarm and HVAC systems, to exterior landscaping and everything in between—plumbing, electrical, roofing, parking lot and any and all general repairs—we place the highest priority on the physical care and upkeep of the properties we manage.

We have detailed systems and records in place to keep track of routine maintenance such as quarterly HVAC servicing, fire sprinkler inspections, landscaping, tree trimming, roof maintenance and replacements, parking lot repairs and replacements, and more. 

Additionally, Romano Litchfield and Associates will, as representatives of our clients, oversee major refurbishment and/or expansion of office and manufacturing improvements. We will insure that the work is done in a professional and timely manner on a carefully managed budget at the best possible prices.

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