Romano Litchfield and Associates is a leader in industrial and commercial real estate property management serving all of Southern California.

Bruce Romano was asked by many of his brokerage clients, many of which were clients since 1978, to provide property management services for them, so Bruce started his own property management company, Romano Litchfield and Associates, in 2002 to better serve his clients.  

Since then, Romano Litchfield and Associates has established themselves as a leader in industrial and commercial real estate property management in Southern California.  From rent collection to physical upkeep to providing a comprehensive set of financial statements, Romano Litchfield and Associates covers every aspect of property ownership.

Romano Litchfield has become a trusted name in the industrial property management industry due to our honest and transparent work.  We understand that our clients’ investments are a major income source to their families, so our team is trained to treat our clients’ properties as if it was their own. 

Our team works closely with each client to identify and meet their needs, deliver all of the essential services necessary to keep each property maintained and running smoothly and does so with the highest emphasis on trust, integrity, and efficiency.  

Our professional team will work closely with each client to identify and meet their needs, Romano Litchfield and Associates is comprised of a unique team of individuals who provide their own specialized skillset.  Our specialized team provide our clients with the experience and knowledge necessary to protect and maximize the value of each property managed, increase the rental income stream of each property, and to maximize the return on investment.  Our team consists of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), property managers, real estate brokers, individuals experienced in the construction field, and commercial lending.  Together, the Romano Litchfield team offers more than 105 years of combined experience

Our team is dedicated to intelligently managing each property with focuses on rent collection, market rents, occupancy levels, tenant retention, physical maintenance, property and liability insurance, leasing and sales, and more.  The Romano Litchfield team strives to control costs, maximize rents, and maintain the physical condition of our clients’ properties so that our owners’ can receive the best possible return on their investment.

  • Romano Litchfield and Associates have saved our bacon. After several years of neglect our five properties were very much in need of attention. Bruce oversaw the rehabilitation of the properties and the work was done professionally at reasonable cost.
    C. Anderson

    Anderson & Swanson Company

  • For the past several years, Romano Litchfield and Associates has provided excellent management of my industrial properties. I cannot recommend them more highly.
    C. Johnson
  • We and our partners would like to thank you for your management of our warehouse reconstruction project. Your hands on approach, knowledge of the needed professional services and construction trades enabled us to cut the total expenditures and completion time for our project by 15 to 20%.
    Part-Rosin Properties
  • Without Bruce Romano of Romano Litchfield & Associates and his excellent services, my company could not run. Not only is he essential, but a delight to work with, maintaining my properties in excellent condition and securing good tenants. I highly recommend him and his company.
    C. Bracken

    Woods Bracken Family LP

  • Although technology has forever changed the face of business, personal relationships remain vital to success. Each of our partners has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals for our company, including Romano Litchfield & Associates.
    Shelley Aronoff

    Co-founder & Vice President, Green to Grow

Our Services

  • Rent Collection

    We collect rent payments, property taxes, insurance premiums, and pass thru maintenance charges from tenants.

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  • Tenant Retention

    With over 100 years of experience, we are well-skilled in negotiating lease renewals with our tenants.

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  • Maintenance

    No two buildings are exactly alike, and neither are the maintenance issues that can arise on any given day.

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  • Banking Network

    We oversee the entire cash flow cycle related to the separate “business” represented by each property and client.

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  • Legal Assistance

    Romano Litchfield and Associates develops mutually beneficial relationships with their tenants with a strong emphasis on communication.

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  • Insurance

    Requiring our tenants to obtain adequate Liability insurance coverage for each property is one of the many services we offer and is something that we diligently pursue.

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  • Owner Distributions

    We perform owner distributions either monthly or quarterly depending upon each clients’ preference. In addition to distributing the funds into the owners’ personal accounts, Romano Litchfield and Associates provides financial packages for each property and each ownership entity.

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