• Rent Collection

    We collect rent payments, property taxes, insurance premiums, and pass thru maintenance charges from tenants.

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  • Tenant Retention

    With over 100 years of experience, we are well-skilled in negotiating lease renewals with our tenants.

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  • Maintenance

    No two buildings are exactly alike, and neither are the maintenance issues that can arise on any given day.

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  • Banking Network

    We oversee the entire cash flow cycle related to the separate “business” represented by each property and client.

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  • Legal Assistance

    Romano Litchfield and Associates develops mutually beneficial relationships with their tenants with a strong emphasis on communication.

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  • Insurance

    Requiring our tenants to obtain adequate Liability insurance coverage for each property is one of the many services we offer and is something that we diligently pursue.

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  • Owner Distributions

    We perform owner distributions either monthly or quarterly depending upon each clients’ preference. In addition to distributing the funds into the owners’ personal accounts, Romano Litchfield and Associates provides financial packages for each property and each ownership entity.

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